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defining vs non-defining

DEFINING (we need the information given in the relative clause to make sense) 
Join both sentences with a relative clause. Omit the relative pronoun when possible.

1 Henry VIII was a king. He had six wives.

2 George III was a king. He couldn't speak well.

3 Mary I was a queen. Her husband was the king of Spain.

4 Christmas is a holiday. The queen of England talks to the nation then. 

5 Windsor is a castle. It's 1000 years old. 

6 The family have a palace. It is in Scotland. 

7 Queen Victoria married a prince. He was her cousin. 

8 The king's advisors were people. They helped him make decisions. 

9 A throne is an object. It simbolises the power of a monarch.

10 Buckingham Palace is a place. The queen lives there when she is London.

11 What's the name of the English king? His wife was from Spain.

12 This is the throne. Elisabeth I sat on it. 

13 Bosthworth is the place. Richard III lost the War of the roses there. 

14 20th century was a time. Many monarchs from different countries disappeared.

15 A monarch is a person. This person is king or queen of a country.

16 I met someone. His mother was the queen's secretary.

17 August and September are months. Buckingham palace is open to the public then.

18 A palace is a big house. Royal family members live there.

19 A throne is a chair. The king or queen sits on it. 

20 A princess is a girl. Her parents are queen and king.

21 An advisor is a person. This person helps monarchs.

22 Christmas is a time. Families get together at this time. 

23 A biography is a book. This book is about the life of a person. 

NON-DEFINING (the information given in the second sentence -the relative clause- is unnecessary) Join the sentences with a relative clause. Remember to use ,  and never omit the relative pronoun.

1 We visited Buckingham Palace. British monarchs live there.

2 Game of Thrones have won several awards. It is extremely popular. 

3 Actress Lena Heidyer plays Queen Cersey. She sometimes gives clues about Game of Thrones.

4 Daenerys Dargarien has got three dragons. Her father was once the king.

5 People can take Game of thrones tours in Iceland. The scenes were filmed there.

6 King Henry VIII was married six times. He had two of his wives executed.

7 William the conqueror established the tower of London. Many people died there.

8 Victoria became queen at the age of 18. Her reign lasted many years.

9 The round table was a legendary table. King Arthur and his knights sat around it. 

10   The British royal family own Balmoral castle. Balmoral castle is in Scotland. 

11 Mr Trend lives next door. He was a guard at the palace. 

12 I'm doing a project on queen Elisabeth I. Her life was very interesting.

13 You went to Buckingham palace at 11.15. The changing of the guards ceremony began at that time.

14 The palace of Versailles is at about 20 km from Paris. It is magnificent.

15 We stayed at the Royal Hotel. The service there was excellent.

16 I love Christmas. I get a lot of presents then.

17 Our teacher speaks excellent French. He studied in Paris.

18 The Queen was released in 2006. It was directed by Stephen Frears.

19 Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 1558 to 1603. We saw her portrait in the National Portrait Gallery. 

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