lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

more on relative clauses

  1. Do you know the girl who I danced with? - 
  2. Do you know the girl who danced with me? - 
  3. The apples that are lying on the table are bad. - 
  4. The apples that we bought in the shop are bad. - 
  5. We will stay at a hotel which is not far from the beach. - 
  6. We will stay at a hotel which my friend has recommended to us. 
  7. That is a museum which I like very much. - 
  8. That is a museum which lies in the heart of the town. 
  9. This is the man who Barbara visited in Scotland. 
  10. This is the man who lives in Scotland.

A teacher is a person  helps others learn new things.
Is that the man  they arrested?
There’s the dog  bit me!
There is a woman  daughter is an English teacher.
Where is the car  you stole?
This is the city  I was born.
1945 was the year  the war finished.
This is the reason  I am so cheerful.
Is that the man  they arrested?
Where is the bicycle  you stole?
1- Her mother,  you never met, is interested in detective novels.

2- Roses, for  all women have a liking, smell very nice.

3- Hasan is the person  the manager wants to see.

4- Hemmingway,  novels are still very popular, led a painful life.

5- One should quit smoking,  is very harmful to health.

6- A student  doesn't study hard enough cannot be successful.

7- They have three sons, all of  are living abroad.

8- We are living next to a woman  dog barks all the time.

9- This is mount Ararat, on the peak of , there always is snow.

10- Confusing topics  are well-expressed can be understood.

11- The car,  was designed by a foreign company, won the race.

12- Shakespeare, most of  plays were adapted to cinema, is still read by many.

13- All the students (wish)  to organize a picnic were discouraged when they saw the dark clouds.

Fill in the relative pronouns only if necessary and add the necessary commas. 1. The decorations  Betty bought cost a fortune. 
2. But Betty  has always loved Christmas didn't mind paying a lot of money. 
3. She's going to celebrate X-mas with her son Toby  is 12 years old. 
4. He would like a new gameboy  is nonsense because he has already got two. 
5. Toby will have to write letters to all the relatives  gave him presents. 
6. He'll first write to his Uncle Otto  lives in GB. 
7. He lives in a place  is called "The Pale Gardens".
1. Sharon Rosenberg  had spent the summer on her uncle's farm in Connecticut interviewed all the students  she met during her first week in Windsor. 
2. Michael is the teen  information she found most interesting. 
3. Her report  she writes for her school magazine in the US has to be finished by February, 15th. 
1. I know a boy  eats cigarettes.
2. He´s one of the people  talk too much.
3. Bamberg  is on the Regnitz is a beautiful town.
4. Have you ever seen anyone else  behaves so stupidly?
5. Shakespeare  lived in the 16th century wrote "Romeo and Juliet".
6. I need someone  will lend me some money.
7. Mark Foster  character is a bit unusual for his profession is Britain´s best swimmer. 
8. The teacher  visited us last Monday is from India.
9. It´s difficult to find people  are not selfish.
10. Jogging  is a good sport keeps you fit.
11. It´s the boss  takes all the decisions.
12. It´s the evenings  I like best.
13. It´s the mornings  are so boring.
14. It´s me  is the trouble-maker.
1. Where is the pub  sells smoked beer?
2. In Bamberg  is a town in Franconia you can drink smoked beer.
3. "Schlenkerla" is the pub in Bamberg  you can drink this kind of beer.
4. The place   most tourists want to see is the "Schlenkerla".
5. Can you remember the man  stole my money?
6. Can you remember the man  the police arrested yesterday?
7. Did you see the girl  was dressed up as a clown?
8. Did you see the girl  everybody laughed at?
9. Do you know the girl  I love?
10. Love   is a wonderful feeling comes to everyone sooner or later in his life.
11. Cigarettes  are very dangerous shouldn´t be sold to teenagers.

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