jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

To Infinitive

I was glad when I heard of your success.
I was glad to hear of your success.

1 He was sorry when he heard of your disappointment.
2 He hopes that he will know by tomorrow.
3 It seems that it is improbable.
4 Do you understand what you have to do?
5 We should be sorry if we heard bad reports of him.
6 The candidate didn't expect that he would pass his examination.
7 She asked if she might leave the room.
8 That was the first picture that came by satellite.
9 My friend was delighted when he heard of the arrival of our baby.
10 Do not promise that you will do it if you are not sure you can.
11 The doctor warned Cyril that he should not touch alcohol.
12 The last person who spoke like that about our teacher of English was in hospital for two months.
13 She was sorry that she had missed the beginning of the concert.
14 I am glad that I see that all the mess has been cleaned up.
15 My daughter will be thrilled when she wears an evening dress.
16 They would be very surprised if they received an invitation.
17 I would love it if I could own a house in the country.
18 She was hurt when she found that her friend had forgotten her birthday.
19 She is happy that she has found a nice place to live.
20 The policeman agreed that he would send a car to tha place of the accident.
21 The students decided that they would change the day of the exam.
22 We are learning how to do computer animation.
23 The doctor advised us that we shouldn't do sports for a month.
24 According to my parents, I must stay home more time.
    My parents want …........................................................

Forma base (infinitivo sin to)

1 Let me go.
2 Don't make him cry.
3 I heard the cat scratch the sofa.
4 We didn't feel our children cry.
5 The man saw her walk pass by.

Gerund (ing)

1 Swimming is a sport.
2 Climbing mountains is a sport, too.
3 I don't like smoking.
4 I'm fond of singing karaoke.
5 Do you mind …? I have my car in the mechanic.
6 We enjoyed …because the music was lovely.
7 I thought of … since the children were not at home.
8 I love ….... but I dislike vegetables.
9 The teacher suggested …................. . We make a lot of mistakes with verb tenses.

10 I remember playing in the street when we were children.

11 I remember us playing in the street.
12 I am afraid of going out alone in the dark.
13 I am afraid of my children going out alone in the dark.
14 I don't mind getting up early.
15 I don't mind students wearing hats in class.

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