jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

infinitive or gerund

  1. Dan enjoys reading to read science fiction.

    2. Cheryl suggested to see seeing a movie after work.

    3. I miss working to work in the travel industry. Maybe I can get my old job back.

    4. Where did you learn to speak speaking Spanish? Was it in Spain or in Latin America?

    5. Do you mind helping to help me translate this letter?

    6. He asked to talk talking to the store manager.

    7. You've never mentioned to live living in Japan before. How long did you live there?

    8. If he keeps coming to come to work late, he's going to get fired!

    9. Debbie plans to study studying abroad next year.

    10. I agreed to help helping Jack wash his car.
  1. I hope to graduate graduating from college next June.

    2. The models practiced to walk walking with a book balanced on their heads.

    3. Mandy has promised taking to take care of our dog while we are on vacation.

    4. Mr. Edwards chose to accept accepting the management position in Chicago rather than the position in Miami.

    5. I don't know what she wants doing to do tonight. Why don't you ask her?

    6. Frank offered to help helping us paint the house.

    7. Sandra decided to study studying economics in London.

    8. Witnesses reported seeing to see the bank robber as he was climbing out of the second-story window.

    9. Stephanie dislikes working to work in front of a computer all day.

    10. Mrs. Naidoo appears to be being the most qualified person for the job.
1. Eliza recommended eating to eat in a dim sum restaurant while we're in Hong Kong.

2. I demand to talk talking to the manager of the hotel immediately.

3. My grandmother remerbers to see seeing a plane for the very first time when she was six.

4. She claims to be being related to George Washington, but I don't believe her.

5. This broken bicycle needs to fix fixing before someone can ride it.

6. I can't understand driving to drive such a big car when gas prices are so high, not to mention what it does to the environment.

7. She refused to speak speaking to me after our fight.

8. The wilderness adventure course lasts ten days and involves to hike hiking more than fifty miles through rugged mountainous terrain.

9. Don't hesitate asking to ask for help if you don't understand the directions.

10. She managed communicating to communicate with them, even though she didn't speak their language.

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